Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

The breed from the US is different from the rest. Thanks to their ability of a 4-beat broken gait the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse belongs to the group of gaited horses. Thanks to their cow-sense a Foxtrotter is also a ranch horse. Some are good jumpers; others are used in dressage or to pull a wagon. Amish people often use the Foxtrotter.

Absolutely unmatched is the Foxtrotter’s surefootedness and performance in rough country, its ability to carry a rider fast, safe and comfortable over mountains, through canyons and through rivers at a sensationally low heart beat rate. No horse, only a mule is able to follow a Foxtrotter in rough country, even though it never reaches the speed of a Foxtrotter.

The big differentiator is the endurance in rough country. For this reason, many park rangers use Foxtrotters today. Because of their willingness for work and their desire to please us many pleasure and trail riders have chosen a Foxtrotter. The majority of owners simply like the safe and easy way of riding.

After its start in 1996 the number of owners competing in European and German championships or endurance trails has increased steadily.

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As of today (middle of 2017) there are some 100’000 Foxtrotters registered, the vast majority in the US, a few in Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and 850  in Europe, with 600 in Germany.