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The EMFTHA e.V. (European Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Association e.V.) was founded in Berlin in1992. In December of 2016 the EMFTHA was recognized and registered as the Breeder's Association of the Missouri Fox Trotter in Europe. The office is located in Danziger Freiheit 5, 56068 Koblenz/Germany.

The Association maintains the Stud Book concerning the Standard of the Breed of the Missouri Fox Trotter (MFT) according to the current rules of the European Union and according to the Rule Book of the parent Association, "Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association" (MFTHBA) in Ava, Missouri, USA.

The geographic operating area of the EMFTHA e.V. covers Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. Currently the EMFTHA e.V. is the only recognized Foxtrotting Breed Horse Association in Europe and also represents the interest of the MFTHBA in Europe as a recognized Affiliate.

To ensure a consistent Standard of the Breed the principles of the EMFTHA e.V. are binding for any Breed Association in Europe.

The rules of the Stud Book of the EMFTHA e.V. are binding for all members of the association and are the foundation for the breed. It is the duty of a Breed Association to preserve and protect the designated breed as well as to ensure progress in breeding. The Principles and Stud Book rules may be viewed on the website under association/download

The duties of the Association includes the issuing Breed-Equiden-Passes, organizing Breed Shows, Tournaments, advanced training, guidance of breeders and friends of the Missouri Fox Trotter as well as assist with the execution of all papers of the MFTHBA. (registration, transfer, DNA, PSSM, permits etc.)

The EMFTHA e.V. also sponsors youth riding activities. Among other activities, it is offering advanced seminars in the USA for young people.

 In addition, one can receive competent advice regarding the purchase or sale of their Missouri Fox Trotter.  Also, horses for sale by members are listed on the Association’s website.  

Tips for Newcomer

The EMFTHA e.V. is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Missouri Fox Trotter breed.  Only healthy horses with trusted descent, gait predisposition and without genetic disease are approved for breeding. Next to the special gaits, health, conformation and disposition are the qualities that are of utmost importance in the breeding of the Missouri Foxtrotters.
The following details should be observed when considering the purchase of a Missouri Fox Trotter in order to insure you are purchasing a purebred Missouri Fox Trotter for breeding or leisure:
1. Does the horse have a Certificate of Registration + DNA issued by the MFTHBA?
YES, in that case you already have an important requirement to receive an Equiden Passport.
NO, then it will be difficult to prove whether you own a purebred Missouri Fox Trotter. If the parents are known and there is proof, you can apply for a Certificate of Registration at the MFTHBA in the USA. If not, it will remain a horse without breed determination. In that case, contact the office or breed manager of the EMFTHA e.V.
2. Does the horse have an Equiden-Passport? If so which one? A leisure-passport or a Breed-Equiden-Passport?
- If your horse has no passport, as soon as possible contact a horse breeding association to receive a leisure-passport or contact the EMFTHA e.V. to receive a Breed-Equiden-Passport.
- If your horse has a so-called leisure-passport from the FN or any breeder association, wonderful, with that you can transport your horse from A to B and it is identified.  However, you are not allowed to breed with this horse, because you do not have an animal approved for breeding according to the German breeding laws.
- If you wish to breed, you may be able to turn your leisure-passport into a Breed-Equiden-Passport, contact the EMFTHA e.V.
3. Does the horse have a descent/pedigree check by means of a DNA-card? If it has a Certificate of Registration from the MFTHBA, then DNA from the parents should be available. With additional DNA checks from the parents of your horse, further descent/pedigree checks are possible. For such matters please contact the office or breed manager of the EMFTHA e.V.
4. Does the horse have a Breeding Suitability Test (ZTU) or other examinations (AKU), certifying certain health related requirements?
If you wish to breed, a ZTU is required for registration into a certain breed stud class. If you only wish to ride, a purchase examination is still advisable to exclude health related problems. This is true and important no matter which breed you wish to purchase.
5. Is the horse Gen-tested?
If you wish to breed, the horse must have a negative PSSM-test. Breeding should not be done with sick horses. It is not only that the cost and care will be higher for the owner in comparison to a healthy horse, the horse will also suffer. The importance of protecting the animals’ well-being will always be of utmost importance.
6. Does the horse demonstrate a flawless flat foot walk and foxtrot?
7. Where can I see or test ride a Missouri Fox Trotter?
8. If you intend to import a horse from the USA additional facts should be considered:
No matter whether you are looking for a leisure and/or horse for breeding, do not settle for a low standard for your longtime "companion". The so-called "bargain buy" soon turns out to have a catch which can lead to permanent financial losses. Breed only with tested quality, that will result in future good sales.
The EMFTHA e.V. is more than willing to provide any advice you will need when purchasing your Missouri Foxtrotter. 

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