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Some are called Extreme Trail, Extreme Cowboy Trail, Extreme Mountain Trail and others, Easy Nature Trails. The difference lies essentially in the level of the riding skills of the rider in the Western discipline. Here we call it simply a “Nature Trail” through which the horse traverses, working obstacles on the way. Special attention is given to the respect and trust exhibited between horse and rider or handler.

At the horsemanship tournament in Aegidienberg from May 5th to 7th, the nature trail was called simply Trail. Obstacles included stairs, water hole, side-pass pole, balancing beam, roof, arch bridge, suspension bridge, rocker, tree trunk, lane, pedestal and loading. Competitors were required to complete eight obstacles on the course. With each obstacle the rider had to adjust for the conditions in terrain on the Trail course.

This year, Renate Daub showed the offspring from her Missouri Fox Trotter breeding stallion Gunslinger’s Velvet Vegas. The licensed stallion is listed in the original studbook of the Missouri Fox Trotter in Class I. The three young horses are “Vegas Aces Venus TFR”, “Vegas Aces Callisto TFR” and “Laila TFR”. In the in-hand trail, three Fox Trotters and one Fox Trotter mix competed. First place was “Vegas Aces Venus TFR” with 8.8 points, 2nd place went to “Laila” 1 year old, 3rd Place was “Vitano”, a Foxtrotter Mix and 4th place was “Vegas Aces Kallisto TFR “With 7.6 points. In the ridden trail “Vegas Aces Venus TFR” with 7.9 placed in second place. It is evident that “Gunslinger’s Velvet Vegas” passes on his pronounced calm, balance and self-confidence to his offspring.