You are currently viewing Judging course of the EMFTH e.V. with Julie Moore

After the 10th Bavarian Missouri Fox Trotter Show from August 3rd to 5th 2018 and the Missouri Fox Trotter Breeding Show on 6th of August 2018, a judges clinic conducted by Julie Moore, an MFTHBA from the U.S., took place in which I participated.

The reason for my participation in the event was not that I wanted to be a judge, but rather to be able to better understand what the judges are paying particular attention to in the shows. What are the rules on which the Judge’s decision depends? What does a participant have to focus on mainly? Since I’m relatively new to the show scene, I was not aware of much.

Julie was both theoretically and practically engaged in each of the disciplines. From the model to the performance, horsemanship, trail, and the maneuver required in the Western Pleasure classes. The course was also easy to understand for participants who do not have a good command of English. It was translated among the group and we each helped each other understand the rules. We also had a lot of fun and action.

For me, the course was very enlightening and interesting. Of course I am not a professional yet, but I now know what is important and see much clearer what is important to show my horse successfully. However, the implementation is a different matter. But one thing is clear to me now: “Being a judge is not that easy!”

(Shelly Frank)