You are currently viewing Breed show of EMFTHA e.V. at the Clay Pit Stables facility on August 6, 2018 in Altusried, Bavaria

Immediately after the 10th Bavarian Missouri Foxtrotter tournament with EMFTHA High-Point rating, another breeding show of the EMFTHA e.V. was held in 2018. Breeding judge Julie Moore, recognized by the MFTHBA e.V. and EMFTHA e.V., as well as the breeding director of the EMFTHA e.V. Britta Schielke were responsible for the conduct of the breeding show and the evaluation of the horses. Under the best weather conditions, the judges were presented with a total of 11 horses (2 stallions, 8 mares and 1 foal).

For all horses, an exterior evaluation (conformation) was conducted, both on hard ground and in the riding area. In addition, 3 horses completed the performance test riding and 4 horses for the first time completed the in-hand guided serenity test (Composing Test) for entry into the the Stutbuch II / Hengstbuch II. The judges took considerable time in the evaluation process to ensure adequate assessment of the attributes of every single horse.

The EMFTHA e.V. is proud to announce that more Missouri Fox Trotters have been registered as performance-certified breeding animals.
We thank you for the friendly support of the entire Clay Pit Stables team and their helpers.