You are currently viewing Breed show at the Miller-Ranch in Arizona

A Breed show conducted by Miller-Ranch in Arizona was held March 23rd – 25th, 2018. From the 23rd to the 25th of March. The goal was the licensing of broodmares and stallions and the evaluation of some offspring of Miller-Ranch. Breeding Judges approved by the MFTHBA and EMFTHA for Missouri Fox Trotter, Julie Moore and Karen Graddy, from the USA and the breeding director Britta Schielke from Germany made the assessments.

Four fillies were presented for Offspring evaluations:

  • Arizona Outlaw´s Antonia M.R. 7.67 Final Score
  • Ginger Rogers M.R. 6.92 Final Score
  • Topaz M.R. 6.62 Final Score
  • Pardon My Dust 5.38 Final Score

One colt:

  • Nabucco´s King of the Road M.R. 7.12 Final Score

Except for Pardon My Dust, all the offspring gained entry into the original stud book of the Missouri Fox Trotter.

6 broodmares were presented: 2 mares over 20 years old. Each had successfully participated in tournaments and had produced successful offspring:

  • Sundust´s Misty Z 7.17 Final Score
  • Eliminator´s Go Girl 6.88 Final Score

4 presented broodmares were pregnant:

  • Arizona Outlaw´s Margarita M.R. 7.70 Final Score
  • Arizona Outlaw´s Estrella M.R. 7.67 Final Score
  • Chase Bodacious Bonnie 6.58 Final Score
  • Franks´Suekey 5.46 Final Score*

* This mare, with multiple open WC and open WGC could not be presented under saddle.

4 broodmares were presented in all disciplines and achieved scores that gained them entry into the original breeding book 1:

  • Legend Outlaw´s Chilli Pepper M.R. 7.93 Final Score
  • Velvet´s Charisma M.R. 7.69 Final Score
  • All In 7.66 Final Score
  • Velvet´s Dark Temptation M.R. 7.44 Final Score

Of the 4 stallions of Miller-Ranch, 2 were presented in all 5 classes and achieved scores that gained them entry into the original breeding book 1:

  • Arizona´s Outlaw M.R. 9.10 Final Score
Velvet´s Nabucco M.R. 8.34 Final Score
  • Legend’s Outlaw M.R. 7.67 Final Score*

* This stallion could not be shown under saddle due to an injury to the hoof.

An additional offspring of Miller-Ranch, Arizona Outlaw’s MacLaren M.R. was in training in Missouri for participation in the 3-year Futurity 2018 in Ava, Mo.